While we are a small company with a very limited budget to do any advertising, we thought it would make sense to let our customers do the talking for us. Every day we are delighted to hear from customers reaching out to us to comment on our products. Below is a sampler of the comments……

I just tried your Cheddar and Ale pretzels, and all I can say is holy s#%! these things are great. Sorry for the language, but the bag barely made it home from the Giant. Seasoned perfectly and not cheap with the seasoning either. You have a new customer for life. Thanks for the AWESOME product………………………………………Mike M

Our gourmet pretzels found at Giant!

I just recently discovered your Cheddar Ale pretzels, last night a mattter of fact, and I just wanted to tell you: Thank you! I love pretzels of all shapes, flavors and sizes, hard or soft but sometimes the seasoning just isn’t with some companies or the pretzels are dry. But you guys have got it going on. I’ve felt compelled to write a company and let them know they’re doing a good job, but when I opened my bag this afternoon eat with my ham sandwich, I was blown away by the amount of flavor you guys harnessed in this bag. Thank you!………….Michael R

Thank you for Cheddar & Ale seasoned pretzels

Really love your spicy-hot sour cream & Habanero pretzel……….Sue K

“Loves the spicy pretzels!”

I just wanted your company to know the cheddar and ale and garlic pretzel nuggets are the best. I just found the habenero and sour cream one and can’t wait to try them. I’ll be anxious to find the wasabi ones. After eating your nuggets, we can’t find any nuggets even comparable to yours. Thanks for a great product.

Dee & Ken M

They were the best pretzels I have ever had!! I’m pregnant and missed the flavor of beer! These were AMAZING!

Jennifer D.

G’day all at Pretzel Pete’s, We have just demolished our first bag Pretzel Pete’s Honey Mustard pretzels and would like more. All of your other flavours just sound so good, we just want to try them all.


Just wanted to give you feedback on a box of spicy hot sour cream and habanero pretzels I purchased recently. In a word GREAT! I thought they were going to be like so many other hot snacks I had bought where I was left wondering where the spice was, it all went here. Good job.

Robert R.

bought a bag of your sourcream and habanero pretzels and love them they are the best snack i have had in a long time love the spice thank you.


Yesterday my fiance and I bought 3 boxes of your pretzels (Cheddar ale, sour cream habanero, garlic cheese) as a snack during the NCAA basketball tournament. BEST PICK OF THE DAY!!! The Cheddar ale and garlic cheese are ridiculous good and when you throw in a hot habanero pretzel in the mix……..well its just the perfect combo. Congrats on having an amazing product! I pray my local grocery keeps them on the shelf! Worlds best snack with a cold beer. Keep up the

great work!

Erich C

Pretzel Pete may be our new favorite snack. Neither me nor my husband are “snackers”. Rarely is there something in our cupboards to provide to guests, I have to make a deliberative effort to grab something beforehand. I randomly encountered these pretzel bites at a Price Chopper here in Kansas City and thought the sour cream & Habanero would interest my husband. He ate the bag in one sitting! He loves them. So when I went to restock, to my dismay I only found one remaining bag, and decided I would try the Chedder & Ale. I love them too! I have never been a big fan of
pretzels in general and now I’m debating on which ones to send to family!

Courtney V