Better-for-you-snacking should be within reach of ALL consumers!


It is a well-known fact that we have a large number of people in this country trying to survive on very low incomes. I recently saw a statistic that 40% of America’s families are trying to survive on less than $31,000 per year (median annual household income) and half of those families on less than $12,000 per year. Astonishing and (very) sobering. Another stark reality is that given that income level, it is no wonder that many of these families are forced to make poor nutrition choices when filling up their market baskets.


This reality is why “affordability” has become a major part of the mission of our new Mini Twists product range. While we have gone to great lengths to develop a heathier snack, we wanted to make sure that our product was packaged in such a way that it could be an affordable indulgence. The overwhelming majority of “healthy-for-you” snacks are packed in large packaging with prices well north of $3. In many cases, given the sophistication of these products, these price points are undoubtably fair values; however, the problem is that for those watching every dollar (and we know there are many in that situation!) those price points are prohibitive. So, we are proud that we can offer a truly better-for-you snack with a price point about 1/3rd that of  almost all other equally healthy snacks.