Food Safety – Now More than Ever

In the last few weeks the headlines have been full of news of the recent outbreak of e. coli related to tainted lettuce.  Stories like this have become almost commonplace and they underscore the heightened need for vigilance in our food chain.  As scary as situations like this are for all of us, the dangers are of course exponentially higher for those with food allergies.

At the recent Sweets & Snacks Expo in Chicago, I had the chance to meet Dave Bloom who is the CEO of  Dave and his wife Debra started after their daughter developed food allergies prior to starting school.  They encourage manufacturers who offer products that do not contain allergens (especially peanuts and tree-nuts) to register with their site and share information regarding the ingredients and allergens in their products.  This information is then offered to the public through the publication of’s Safe Snack Guide and other outlets.

Following the show, Dave and I continued our discussion and determined that due to the absence of peanuts and tree-nuts in our products and our facility, Pretzel Pete could be registered with  As a result, our company is now listed in their publications and enables us to display their logo on our website.

We applaud the work that is doing and are proud to be part of the movement offering safe snacking options to consumers, especially those with dangerous food allergies.  Please check out their site at