Meet our new Quality Control Manager!


As Pretzel Pete continues to transition into its own manufacturing environment, we are taking steps to take over important functions that have historically been provided by our third party co-manufacturers.  One such function is that of Quality Control.  In this light we are proud to welcome Greg Harpel as our new Quality Control Manager.  With a strong background in chemistry and with extensive laboratory experience, Greg is uniquely suited to oversee our QC efforts.

With Greg’s guidance, Pretzel Pete will be striving to attain the highest levels of food safety certifications within the industry.  As we continue to modify our products and recipes, we will be continuously reviewing, testing and evaluating our ingredients, suppliers and of course our own internal processes.    These are not new endeavors for us, our co-manufacturers have been doing these things on our behalf for years; but now we will directly control this function.

Greg Harpel

We are excited to have Greg on-board as we look to provide the best-tasting, better-for-you pretzel snacks on the market.