Mini Twists – a great “Better-For-You” snack!

At Pretzel Pete we are very proud of our new Mini Twist product which is slated to debut on the national market in early 2016. Not only have we made a delicious yet affordable snack come to life, but also a snack that truly fits in the “better-for-you” category. Below we have pulled information from some of the most popular snacks in the “better for your” category and have compared them to our new Mini Twists……take a look!

Mini Twist comparative nutritional chart

Now, it is important to emphasize that we are not suggesting that our product is MORE healthy than these products – but our point is that our new Mini Twists are certainly very comparable to all of them; and, Mini Twists are delicious and come at retail price points that no one else can match. It took us 18-months of product testing to strike this balance but we think we hit the mark.  Keep an eye on this space in early 2016 for announcements concerning where to find this new better-for-you snack.