New product launch — getting close!


Sometimes (always?) things simply take longer expected. I look back with some level of embarrassment on how long it has been since we promised information on our new products. But reality intervened!


The process of finalizing new formulas and packaging is fraught with potentially crippling pitfalls that must be avoided so utmost care is required. This is especially true for a small company such as ours where each new product launch needs to succeed as we simply do not have massive amount of resources necessary to avoid new product stumbles.


Complicating the process even further is our stated desire to develop a product that is bringing something new to the specialty, good-for-you snack category. Balancing ingredients and nutrition impact while hitting desired taste profiles is every bit as challenging as it sounds. What’s more, the pricing of the product and how it will impact the pocket book of our customers is also a very real consideration.


Happily, we have finally completed the development of our new Pretzel Pete brand extension. This new extension will launch with three new flavors – flavors that are completely new to our Pretzel Pete range – but very common in the world of snack foods. All three items share some very important (and we think attractive) attributes:


  1. Clean ingredient labels – no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives. Our customers should feel very comfortable with each and every ingredient that is contained in our products.
  2. No Saturated and Trans-fats. We did not want to want even a single gram (or half a gram) of these fats in our product!
  3. Non-GMO. We have carefully sourced all of our ingredients from non-GMO sources so, again, our customers should feel very comfortable with what they are eating.
  4. A truly “good-for-you” snacking experience. We have compared our nutrition tables with those of some of the best known snacks that carry the good-for-you reputation. We’ll stack our nutrition table up against any pop chip, kale chip, or veggie chip snack on the market.
  5. Our product really, really tastes good. We can’t wait for all of our customers try them. We think that you’ll be amazed at how good these taste – especially considering points 1-4 above. Taste does NOT need to be sacrificed when choosing a better for you snack. We think this will be living proof.
  6. A snack everyone can afford. We are working with our retail partners to construct pricing programs so that this product will be within the budget reach of even the most value-conscious consumer. Why should better for you snacks be so much more expensive?


In the next few weeks, we will be sharing even further information on our new Pretzel Pete snacks that will be in stores in 2016. Stay tuned!