Our New Home…….

It took months.  And months.  Hand-wringing.  More hand-wringing.  But, we finally did it!  This past December we moved into a new, much larger facility that allows us, for the first-time, to begin manufacturing ourselves.  The decision was wrenching.  Could we actually pull this off and acquire all of the equipment, staff and infrastructure and start doing all those things we had relied on our co-packers to do for us?  The answer, it would seem is yes (!) but by far the most challenging part of this big step was finding the right location.

Finally, after months of looking we identified the spot.  Not too big. Not too small.  Room for growth but not so over-sized that the high overhead cost would prove onerous.  Importantly, the location was already in pristine condition; one that would lend itself well to the development of a clean, safe manufacturing environment.

While December was spent organizing the office and establishing the infrastructure, the actual seasoning of our pretzel products only started in January.  In February, our packaging equipment was ready-to roll and we are now fully operational.

Apologies for the long delay in updating the blog but this move has been all-consuming.  Exciting times!

Seasoning Area
Seasoning Area