Pretzel Pete hits the Big Apple (Fancy Food Show 2017!)

We are just now recovering from the annual Fancy Food Show in New York and, as usual, our little booth was quite busy.  The first day I was joined by my wife, Beth (see photo), on Monday Brandon assisted and then finally on Tuesday Kevin made the journey to help out.  There were several thousands of vendors manning booths and over 25,000 buyers ranging from small Mom-and-Pop gourmet shops to the largest retailers (Walmart, Costco, etc.).  It was exhausting yet exhilarating.

One clear observation from the show was that we are on the right track with our 100 calorie portion control packs. We currently only have the Salted Caramel Mini Twist item available but the reception was so strong, that we will be moving into two additional flavors quite shortly.  Cheese Pizza Mini Twists and Honey Mustard Nuggets anyone?

Another interesting observation was the stubborn popularity of the gluten free movement. Yours truly was predicting that this trend would eventually diminish; however, based on the inquiries we received, it seems as strong as ever!  There has been a big uptick in competition in the gluten free pretzel arena so we’re not anxious to rush into a seemingly hyper-crowded market; but, I’m encouraged to investigate if there is something/anything we can bring to the table in this area that might be missing.  Stay tuned!

The final observation was the reassuring reaction of the visitors to our new flavors.  As documented here and elsewhere, our product line has gone through a major overhaul in the past year and this represented a coming-out-party of sorts to some of best customers.  We were very gratified by the extremely positive reviews all of the new flavor recipes received, especially in light of the elimination of all of the “bad stuff” in our products.

For those that visited our stand,  Thank You!  For those of you that did not have the chance to visit the Fancy Food Show, never fear, you can always find our products on or Amazon.