Pretzel Pete – Making a Name for Ourselves!

One of the challenges of being a small food company is just trying to create some noise and find a way to stand out among all of the thousands of other food brands.  We know our products are outstanding – at least that’s what a good number of our customers and fans tell us – but how to get the word out to a bigger audience?  We are certainly not alone in this conundrum; almost all small food companies are in the same boat.


Clearly, social media has becomFB Screen grab smalle an increasingly important option for many small companies but only those that feed the social media “beast” with a steady stream of interesting and worthwhile content.  That’s the rub.  Many small companies have great intentions in this regard but just run out of money, energy or, most likely, time to devote to an ongoing successful social media presence.  I must admit that Pretzel Pete has certainly belonged in this category over the past number of years.

Before social media exploded on the scene, the good old traditional company webpage was a critical communication tool to customers.  Has the importance of webpages waned?  Perhaps a bit, but the website remains a very important cornerstone tool to convey a brand’s message.

During the past six months, we have been trying to pay more careful attention to our social media presence both on Facebook as well as Instagram. Rather than bombarding our fans with daily missives of variable/questionable value, we have tried to focus on less frequent but more impactful messages that gets the word out on what Pretzel Pete is all about.

At the same time, we have also been working hard on updating our Pretzel Pete webpage which is waaaay overdue.  Please look for it in the next 1-2 months!

In the meantime, by far the best way for us to make a name for ourselves is when one of our fans tells someone else about our product.  For those of you who say nice things about Pretzel Pete to friends and family, please accept my heartfelt thanks!  That trumps all of the fancy webpages or facebook posts we could ever come up with!