Redefining Snacking – how do pretzels fit?

There is a great deal of attention being paid to the surge in snacking here in the U.S. Clearly, we are snacking more often and increasingly using snacks in lieu of the traditional sit down meals. Say goodbye to “3 squares a day!” Our hyper busy lifestyles just don’t seem to lend themselves to that traditional model as much anymore. Happily, along with the increase in snacking, much more attention is being paid to the nutritional and health benefits our snacks deliver. Accordingly, the aisles are increasingly crowded with more-and-more snacks making healthy claims.


I have been spending a considerable amount of time lately pondering how pretzels – and of course Pretzel Pete products in particular – fit into this new snacking world. Traditionally our products have been positioned as a great tasting indulgence but could we be more than that? In comparing our nutritional values and ingredient compositions, Pretzel Pete actually already compares favorably with many of the so-called “healthy” snacks. Ironically, one of our first tasks is to do a better job of highlighting some of the health benefits inherent in our products. We took a big first step with our GMO-Free Certification and we continue to move with purpose toward creating a more natural snack experience for our customers.


However, as we do our research and plot our future, I am optimistic that we CAN do more and improve the health aspects of our products even further; hopefully in exciting and innovative ways. As we go through this process, I look forward to sharing some of these developments with you. Of course, if any of you have any thoughts or suggestions on how we can make our products better – I’m all ears! In the meantime, I urge you to be conscious of the health claims made by many food marketers. Make sure that the loud claims on the front of packaging are justified by the cold hard facts on the back of the packaging! Happy snacking…………….