Saying Nice Things…….

As a small business owner caught up in the day-to-day stress of wearing so many hats, it is always a wonderful diversion to hear directly from one of our customers.  We hear from our customers on a pretty regular basis; sometimes via email, sometimes via a comment on our website, sometimes on social media and sometimes they just pick up the phone and give us a call.  In some instances the customers may have a concern or a complaint in which case we try to respond as very best we can. However, in most cases, it is customers reaching out to say nice things about our products!

Simply put, these compliments make our day.  In many cases we print them out and circulate them among all of our staff.  It is great to watch our staff members react warmly and with a smile when seeing the nice words.

As the owner of the company, I make it a point to try and respond personally to every customer comment, regardless if it is positive or negative.  I appreciate that we are all busy and if the customer is taking time out of their day then I should do the same to respond to the comment.

So, a big thank you to any/all of you that have dropped us a note and no matter if it is complimentary or a concern – please keep them coming!!