Seasoned Pretzel Recipes — Can You Top This?

I don’t know about you, but the summer season always means tasty seasoned pretzel recipes. This is the time of the year when I try and slow down my pace a bit and enjoy life a bit more. For some of us, this includes a bit more entertaining and fun with friends. As you make your rounds, we suggest you throw Pretzel Pete into the fun fray!

Seasoned pretzels can be used in a variety of unique ways.  For example, our seasoned honey mustard pretzels can be broken up and drizzled to make a great addition to your salad.  Who needs croutons? Actually any of our items can be transformed into seasoned broken pretzel pieces sporting great flavors – smoky barbecue comes to mind or a perennial favorite the parmesan garlic.

My ultimate though is taking our Pretzel Pete Salted Caramel Seasoned Mini Twist Pretzels and crunching them up and drizzling them over ice cream. Even just sneaking a few whole ones alongside a bowl of vanilla ice cream is a (mostly!) sinless treat.

Enjoy the summer.  And, if you come up with your own secret way to use Pretzel Pete as a topper, please share it with us so you can “top” our suggestions!