The biggest trend in food? Vegan!

It seems every other day I discover that another friend or acquaintance has adopted a vegan diet.  I recently saw a statistic (from an admittedly “pro-vegan” website) that 6% of the U.S. population is now following a vegan diet and this represents a growth of 600% increase since 2014.  Remarkable!

Now, I must admit, that I am not one of the 6% but I can appreciate some of the health and ethical motivations that drive some to a vegan lifestyle.  However, at Pretzel Pete, it is important that we recognize this growing segment and the opportunity it represents.

Our product line currently has two items – our Salted Caramel and Smoky BBQ Mini Twist pretzels that are amendable to the vegan diet – and we expect to add new items to this list in the near future.  For us, it is another chance for our brand to connect with an important constituency that is looking for a great tasting snack that fits within their specific lifestyle.

So if you or someone you know follows a vegan diet, make sure to keep our two “vegan” items in mind and watch for future product launches that are also vegan friendly!