The First Step in the Journey (and playing to an empty room!)


Playing to an empty room is an entertainer’s nightmare. Luckily I’m not a comedian but starting a blog, any blog, from scratch is much like playing to an empty room – especially for small business owners like me. The reality is that no one is listening – at least not right away. Heck, even Bob Hope (ah….showing my age!) started off telling jokes to an empty room. One must start somewhere!


So, this blog will be about my little company, Pretzel Pete. A little bit about where we’ve been and a lot of bit of where we’re going. You’ll have to forgive me if I make up the “where we’re going part” as I go along. I don’t exactly know yet and that’s kinda the point.


Pretzel Pete is at the threshold of some major changes. While it has been about 15 years since I started Pretzel Pete, our success could be termed modest at best. We have developed a product line that, by all accounts, is great tasting and has some great hard core fans; but it certainly can’t be considered a “big hit.” Why is that? How can we redefine what we do and what Pretzel Pete means as a brand? These are at the heart of the changes that are coming. Some exciting. Some risky. All of them a bit scary. In some ways, it is like starting a whole new journey with Pretzel Pete, but with no idea of the final destination.


As we move forward on this new journey, I intend to use this space to document the transformation of the Pretzel Pete brand. How did we arrive at certain decisions? What market and industry factors came into play? What were we hoping to achieve and gain with each decision?


For myself I hope this will prove to be a cathartic exercise and compel me towards some of the best decision-making of my life.If I’m going to be making these types of disclosures to the world, I better be making sound and defensible decisions – especially since the readers are very possibly customers (and hopefully not ex-customers after learning exactly what we are doing)!


For you, my dear reader, I hope that this space will provide an interesting window into the world of small business. History is littered with many abandoned well-meaning, small businesses intent on competing with the “big guys.” Will this be another “I can’t take my eyes off of this” train wreck or a David and Goliath-like triumph? Either way, it could/should be fascinating.


So, if you’re reading this post – the very first one – I must thank you from the very bottom of my heart. Maybe the room wasn’t empty after all!