The GMO debate – take 2 – food companies scrambling!

Last week Congress did not support legislation to create federal guidelines on the labeling of GMO’s in food products.  This means that all food companies now must deal with the potential of each state creating its own labeling requirements (led by Vermont which was the first state to initiate such legislation).  Since it is impossible  to have separate packaging for each state, all  manufacturers  now must make difficult decisions on how they intend to address this dilemma.


A number of the largest food companies such as Conagra, General Mills and M&M Mars have announced already this week their intention to label their products for GMO’s  thereby becoming compliant nationally.  More are expected to follow.


At Pretzel Pete we have been addressing this issue in stages.  As has been detailed in an earlier post, our products have been recognized as non-GMO for some  time and we have had our products tested for GMO’s on a regular basis in the past.  However, as the scrutiny over this issue has become more and more intense, we have furthered our efforts by working closely with our ingredient suppliers to insure that as we refine our existing recipes and develop new products, that our Pretzel Pete products can be offered without GMO ingredients on an ongoing basis across our entire product line.


As consumers it is important to know that there is a cost related to this debate.  Ingredients that are devoid of any GMO’s are, in many cases, significantly more expensive.  These added costs are of course passed on through higher food prices.  But for many consumers,  eating foods without GMO’s is becoming more and more important and at Pretzel Pete we are pleased to be working to this end.