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Many of you have undoubtedly seen product placements in movies and TV shows (think Aston Martin cars in James Bond movies or Kramer spilling the Junior Mint into the hospital patient on Seinfeld). These high profile product placements are secured by very large companies and cost big bucks to secure that coveted amount of exposure.

While we have never had a budget to afford that type of exposure, we have been able to gain some more subtle levels of exposure through another channel. Did you know that movies and TV shows must have the permission of any/all registered trademark branded products that appear on their show, no matter how obscure the appearance is? We didn’t either. But, we have come to learn that any time the producers have a scene where retail products can be seen, they must secure the permission of the products’ brand owners.

So, for the past few years, we at Pretzel Pete have been supplying products to be used in the background of various shows and movies and have succeeded in having our products pop up in some interesting places! See below for a few examples…

CBS’s The Big Bang Theory

HBO’s Silicon Valley

ABC’s Designated Survivor

Netflix’s You

Netflix’s Grace and Frankie

Netflix’s Friends From College

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We're Famous

Our Products were featured in
CBS’s The Big Bang Theory!
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