We’re extremely excited to announce that there has been a major new development for Pretzel Pete. We’re branching out of the snack category and have developed our latest innovative product, Topzels! Topzels is a brand new pretzel based addition to the toppings category and there is currently nothing like it.

For the past number of years, our Founder and President, Karl Brown, had seen an opportunity for using pretzels as toppings but was flummoxed as to how to make that a reality. After a long R&D process, the idea of Topzels, a combination of pretzels and flavoring originated. Topzels are produced by grinding and sifting normal sized pretzels, resulting in a fine, crumb-line product that is then seasoned in various flavors.

The main challenge was getting the pretzels down to a small enough piece size. Once we reduced the pretzel, the question was how could it be made to a consistent piece size. Finally, the solution that we discovered was grinding rather than breaking pretzels and having a second step which involves sifting, with the final step being seasoning.

After researching and testing various equipment, we finally hit upon a set of equipment that could make this happen. Upon recommendation of friends in the industry who were not aware of anyone developing this concept or of using equipment in this manner, we also filed a patent application on this process, which would be the first in our company’s history.

In order to segregate the new product, Topzels, from the snacking business, we’ve created a second company, BAK Foods. With the expansion in our warehouse of an additional 15,000 square feet, Pretzel Pete will serve as the primary distributor of Topzels.

The initial flavors that will be available mid-August, include, Salted Caramel and Cinnamon Brown Sugar. These flavors are perfect to put on top of ice cream, yogurt, oatmeal, and even a salad. We launched these items at the Fancy Food Show back at the end of June and they were a huge hit. Let’s just say, the possibilities are endless!

It’s such an exciting time and we can’t wait to see how this additional direction goes while we continue to grow Pretzel Pete! In the meantime, check out the brand new Topzels website: https://topzels.com/ and follow Topzels on social media!

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