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The return of an old friend!

One of the things that we vowed to do this year was to introduce some new limited edition and seasonal items. We have a ton of cool ideas for new products, new flavors and these limited edition offerings will allow us to introduce these to our customers. In so doing...

Beer Pairings #2 — Garlic Parmesan Pretzel Nuggets

Beer Pairings #2 — Garlic Parmesan Pretzel Nuggets

For our second in the series of Pretzel Pete beer pairings, our beer expert, Mark Anspach has turned his attention to our most distinctive pretzel nuggets flavor:  Garlic & Parmesan Nuggets. Mark writes:  "With the strong flavors of garlic and parmesan cheese...

Going Gluten Free!

Pretzel Pete made a major move in the past month or so. We launched our first Gluten Free items. We recognize that this is a pretty crowded space but, as usual, we thought we could do it a bit better than what is already all there. We are thrilled with the buttery,...

Let the Beer Pairings Begin! (Honey Mustard Nuggets….you’re up!)

We are pleased to announce that we are launching a series of occasional posts pairing each of our of Pretzel Pete products with different suggested beers.   Our pairing expert, Mark Anspach, has spent considerable time researching the perfect beer inherent to each...


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