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Welcome Back!

Welcome Back!

Welcome back to our blog! It’s been a number of months since we’ve posted and lots of productive and exciting things have happened. First and foremost, an update on our expansion project. Since announcing our expansion project in 2021, the project has finally been...

(Still!) Under Construction!

Wow….what a challenging number of months it has been. In January we described some of the activities surrounding our expansion. At that time I was hopeful that our new equipment would be coming on-line within a few weeks.  Now here we are, two months later, and we...

Pretzel Pete trying to do some good in the world!

Pretzel Pete trying to do some good in the world!

For 2022, I'm trying something a bit different. I have watched with admiration (and a bit of guilt!) as I have seen various snack brands use their platforms to raise awareness and money for worthy causes. It always seemed like such a good idea but I was never able to...

We’re getting bigger!!

It has been a number of months since I've been able to update this blog but it's certainly not because things have been boring! The final three months have witnessed the most activity within our company since we launched our own production five years ago. During this...


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