For 2022, I’m trying something a bit different. I have watched with admiration (and a bit of guilt!) as I have seen various snack brands use their platforms to raise awareness and money for worthy causes. It always seemed like such a good idea but I was never able to lock in on a cause we should partner with. A number of months back, I got introduced to the “Grateful Card” and then it hit me. Why not let our customers choose what cause we support?

So, in 2022 we are introducing the Pretzel Pete Grateful Card. How it works is we will be placing a Grateful Card in each order placed on and certain third party selling platforms.  Each card contains a QR code that enables the customer to donate $2 (paid by Pretzel Pete) to the charity of his/her choice.

This idea of empowering our customers to direct our giving resonated with me and I hope that it will be meaningful to the customers as well. Here’s hoping for a peaceful and healthy 2022 for all of us!