We like many others were surprised to find out that during the Memorial Day weekend, the FDA decided to slip in a new guidance on food labeling that enabled some manufacturers to substitute ingredients in their products without updating their labels.  These changes pose an immediate risk to those who suffer from life-threatening food allergies all in the name of furthering the cause of deregulation.   A good overview of the changes to the guidance has been provided by our friends at SnackSafely.com and can be found here:  https://snacksafely.com/2020/05/the-fda-has-relaxed-labeling-requirements-under-covid-19-what-it-means-for-the-food-allergy-community/

As a father of a daughter who suffers from celiac disease (and is a Type 1 diabetic), our family is extremely reliant on accurate and truthful food labels. That is one of the major reasons that Pretzel Pete is very adamant about maintaining a strict no peanuts, no tree-nuts policy in our manufacturing facility, our production lines and our products.

For this reason, I am pleased to issue the following pledge to our customers:

In response to the recent guidance issued by the Food and Drug Administration relaxing rules regarding the labeling of ingredients, we at Pretzel Pete pledge not to change ingredients of our products without reflecting the change on our labels.  The trust we have garnered from the allergic community is of paramount importance to us and we will continue to earn that trust every day.

Should any of our customers have  any concerns about allergens as they relate to our products, please feel free to reach out to us and we will be happy to answer your questions and concerns!