During my 25+ entrepreneurial career I have gotten a lot of value from the pages of Inc. magazine, the authoritative periodical for those with entrepreneurial endeavors or ambitions. The founders and companies that graced the pages of Inc. were often inspirational and never dull and I found much wisdom in their stories.

One of the centerpieces of the magazine was the annual release of its Inc. 500 rankings of the fastest growing small companies.  It was that list that introduced me to companies like Microsoft, Intuit, Zappos, Pandora and so many others that I had never heard of before seeing them on the list and have become a big part of my life ever since.  A number of years ago, Inc. expanded the list from 500 to 5000 that gave many more companies the opportunity to participate.

So, with that said, it is with some degree of humility and pride we are able to announce that Pretzel Pete has made the 2020 Inc. 5000 list checking in at rank 1730.  This ranking is based on our growth during the 3-year period that started when we made the move into our own manufacturing and is testament to soundness of that decision.

All 5000 companies on this year’s list have travelled their own path and ours is undoubtedly no less or more interesting than any other’s but, obviously, we are extremely proud of our own journey.  Many of the triumphs and travails have been documented in this blog over the past number of years so sharing this news on the blog just seems to make sense.

A big shout out of thanks to our staff, our suppliers and of course our customers for supporting us over the years and allowing us to reach this point.