Pretzel Pete made a major move in the past month or so. We launched our first Gluten Free items. We recognize that this is a pretty crowded space but, as usual, we thought we could do it a bit better than what is already all there. We are thrilled with the buttery, crisp mouth feel of our base pretzel and then came up with a wonderful flavor option with Sour Cream & Chive. Even those not on a gluten free diet will enjoy these pretzels.

I have to admit though, that one of my primary motivations for launching these gluten free items was my daughter, Audrey. Since she was in elementary school, Audrey has suffered from Type 1 Diabetes. While in middle school, things got even tougher for her when she was diagnosed with celiac disease which meant that she could no longer safely consume gluten. As the owner of a business that develops and produces a gluten-free product (pretzels!), this put me in an awkward spot of marketing products my own daughter couldn’t eat. I am delighted to report that Audrey is now again enjoying some of her dad’s products and the reviews have been great!

When we decided to launch our gluten free products, we wanted to make sure that our protocols and safety measures were top notch. After all, we would be producing these gluten free items in the same facility as our wheat-based products. As anyone who has food allergies in their family understands, trust in the safety of a brand is hard-earned but necessary. With They just completed their second audit of our facility and we are very happy that our products now carry the GFCO logo certifying that we meet their tough standards.

Frankly speaking, I don’t think Audrey really cares that much about that GFCO certification. But, as her dad, it does make me feel better knowing that our products are safe for her and anyone else suffering from celiac disease.