We are pleased to announce that we are launching a series of occasional posts pairing each of our of Pretzel Pete products with different suggested beers.   Our pairing expert, Mark Anspach, has spent considerable time researching the perfect beer inherent to each region of the country that works best with each of our unique flavors.

Our first pairing HAS to involve our #1 item.  Right?  That would be our Honey Mustard & Onion Pretzel Nuggets which has been a stalwart in the Pretzel Pete product line from Day One.

Mark advises “A typical, refreshing German Hefeweizen is a great pairing with ingredients found in German foods, like mustard and onions, serving as a sweet contrast with fruit-forward flavor, against the savory flavors in these pretzels.”  Take a look at his regional beer recommendations below and let us know what you think!