During this most unusual of years, it is comforting that some seasonal routines remain.  One such routine is the annual growing cycle during the summer months. Having grown up next to a farm in Lancaster, PA,  I have always associated the changing of the seasons with the assault on the senses that emanated from the farm next door.  The sounds of the tractor tilling the ground, the sight of tractor at night hurrying to pull in the harvest and even the smell of the manure when it was time for the annual fertilizing.  It was a neat way to grow up and it gave me an appreciation for the hard work that is involved in farming.

During this pandemic, our farmers have continued to work tirelessly to make sure that our tables and pantries remain full.  Hats off to all of them!

At Pretzel Pete, we make it a point to use locally grown wheat that is also milled right here in eastern Pennsylvania.  The summer wheat is starting to come in and it is lovely to see the full fields just weeks away from harvest.   We are proud to offer a product that has its roots here in the ground of Pennsylvania and hope our customers share in that pride.