Like many others, our family got caught up in the great Netflix TV mini series Queens Gambit about a barrier-shattering young woman chess player growing up in the 1960’s. As an old chess player myself, I appreciated many of the themes of Queen Gambit none more than the concept of a chess game (and any venture) being broken down into three components: Opening, Middle Game, End Game.

This week we launched our updated website and with it we have reached the end of the “Opening” phase of our expansion of the Pretzel Pete brand. New seasoned & flavored pretzels, an email marketing program, a colorful product catalog for wholesale customers, and even a series of informational videos all have been developed and debuted in recent months. Whew! I’m exhausted just making the list!

Just as in chess, all of these opening “moves” were necessary to build a foundation for future success. We are now heading into the “Middle Game” which will involve fine tuning our position, building on our strengths, and overcoming our weaknesses. Although this too will require major blood, sweat and tears, we have a major advantage that we are already seeing the fruit of our earlier labors. New customers have been signing up at a record rate, sales and reviews on the new products have far exceeded expectations and we’ve been thrilled with the start of the year.

I won’t spoil the ending of Queens Gambit for those that haven’t seen it but I will say that it was satisfying and left a smile on my face. I have my fingers crossed that I have the same reaction when our venture here with our brand expansion reaches its End Game. In the meantime, I hope you have the chance to explore our new website (see some of our new products here: and try some of the new products. Thank you for continuing on the journey for the best seasoned & flavored pretzels with us!