Our Commitment to an Allergen Free Healthy Pretzel

One of our basic tenets at Pretzel Pete is our commitment to an allergen free – meaning peanut- and tree nut-free – manufacturing facility.   With a number of family members and close friends having to navigate the tricky and dangerous waters of nut allergies, we know the stakes are very high.  A legitimate question we are asked from time-to-time is “but how are you sure”  that your products are allergen safe.

The answer to that question starts with the suppliers of our primary ingredients – pretzels and seasonings.  Our pretzel bakery is also a peanut-free and tree nut-free manufacturing facility and their protocols to this end are first rate as one would expect.  Our seasoning company, on the other hand, by the very nature of their business, handles hundreds (thousands?) of different ingredients inside their facility.  As you can imagine some of these ingredients do contain allergens.  Like many other manufacturers that are serious about remaining allergen free, this supplier has a comprehensive allergen segregation program in place whereby ingredients containing allergens are handled, stored and processed in completely different areas and on completely different equipment.

Happily we do not have to worry about segregation programs within our own facility.  We are not producing or handling any peanut or tree nut products on any of our production lines so there is zero risk of cross contamination.  Additionally, rules regarding how and when private food (including nut products) can be consumed in the facility are strictly observed along with rigorous cleaning protocols.

We understand the trust that many of our customers put into our allergen free claims and we fully understand the responsibility that this trust implies.  Thank you for trusting Pretzel Pete products and I hope you do so with confidence!