Back to School With Our No Peanuts, No Tree-nuts, and No Sesame Pledge

Ian at Pretzel Pete

Back-to-school season resonates a bit louder for me this year. This past summer I’ve been happy to have my son, Ian, working with us in the production room.  Ian has worked hard this summer and has learned a bit of how Pretzel Pete operates from the ground level and he even made a few new friends. Next week, it’s back-to-school time as Ian starts his senior year of high school with an eye towards his upcoming college experience next year.  Good luck Ian and thanks for lending a hand this summer!

Sticking to the back-to-school theme, be sure to remember our Pretzel Pete portion control packs. The 100 calorie bags of seasoned pretzels and the 1oz Whole Wheat/Whole Grain bags all fit nicely into the lunchbox. With many schools prohibiting food with peanuts, tree-nuts, and even sesame it is vital to be well-stocked with delicious allergen-friendly snacks. Pretzel Pete products are ONLY produced at our own factory. In addition, our pretzels are the only product are produced in our factory. That is why we are so confident of our no peanuts, no tree-nuts, and no sesame pledge.