Independence Day (or, Co-Dependence Day) at Pretzel Pete

As the 4th of July holiday approaches tomorrow, I find myself reflecting on what the holiday means for me personally amid all the conflicting interpretations of what the holiday is or should be. For me, the idea of the 4th of July is the celebration of the U.S.A. as a land of opportunity founded by immigrants back in the 1700’s. Two experiences of late brought this idea into even greater relief for me.

Last week we spent an uplifting three days exhibiting our seasoned pretzels at the Fancy Food Show in New York. The show was as loud, crazy, and diverse as the sidewalks outside in New York city itself. There were thousands of visitors from overseas both looking to buy and looking to sell “fancy foods.” Our booth happened to be across from the Ecuador pavilion, and I was able to try some samples of foods that were completely new to me. Surprising and delicious! The entire show was a celebration of the diversity in our country and also in our industry and the energy is generated was contagious. For me, it underscored how interdependent our different societies have become over the past few generations and, to me, that is a good thing.

Fancy Food Show

Fancy Food Show

Yesterday our staff had a cookout during lunch hour to celebrate the holiday. As I have mentioned in earlier posts, we have a very diverse group of staff members with origins from Europe, Central America, the Caribbean, and Asia. It is a great group of hardworking people and I think they personify what the 4th of July is out about. I.e. The search for success and advancement no matter of one’s background or beliefs; the U.S. offers this promise and opportunity and is unrivaled in this regard. At the cookout, a number of staff brought a little piece of their own background and culture by contributing different dishes. In this way, our little group had also become mutually dependent on one another in order to achieve the full meal.

While you are celebrating your own Independence Day, please remember to take Pretzel Pete along with you! Seasoned pretzel nuggets in a bowl next to the cooler, pairing our pretzel minis with your favorite dip, or even crunching up some salted caramel mini’s and sprinkling them over ice cream – there are lots of ways to bring Pretzel Pete to your 4th of July party!