Non Candy Halloween Treats that Appeal to Kids and Adults Who Want a Healthy Alternative to Sugary Snacks

Non candy Halloween treats can be favorites for parents because they know how their children can get overloaded with all the sticky sweets traditionally handed out each year. Typically, on Halloween kids come home loaded with candy laden bags. On a busy Halloween day sometimes, they end up with more than they can ever eat while others have allergies to contend with. Although it may seem like giving a candy alternative makes you the “unfun house”, many kids and parents appreciate a non candy Halloween alternative that they can truly enjoy.

It’s nice to have options and offer something else for trick-or-treaters besides sweets. Not everyone likes the taste of candies or the calories that come with it. There can be other issues too, like melting chocolate in warm climates or bad tasting food dyes. With non edible Halloween treats, you don’t have to worry about what mixture of chocolate, non-chocolate, hard or soft sweets – to buy.

With concerns about allergies to peanuts, dairy products, tree nuts, and sesame seeds choosing a non candy Halloween treat is a welcome change for a child who has a lot of allergens to be concerned about. So, what do you offer?


A good non-food alternative for a non candy Halloween treat is temporary tattoos. Fake tattoos are a fun way to give an inexpensive treat to Halloween trick-or-treaters and not have to worry about food allergens. Of course, you may have to be concerned that the child receiving the tattoo could be allergic to the ink, colors, or something else that’s going to contact the surface of their skin, but it is still a good alternative.


Of course, everyone knows the number one non candy Halloween treat – which is a bit of a joke – is good old raisins. Raisins are lovingly known as “nature’s candy.” Raisins are more nutritious than mass produced candy from a bag, they still have a lot of sweetness. Although it is natural sugar, raisins are a better non candy Halloween treat alternative to candy.



Each year our dentist sponsors a Halloween candy buyback program to take back the candy that trick-or-treaters gathered the night before while going house to house. She tries to rescue teeth and prevent future cavities by offering an exchange for a useful non candy Halloween treat, toothbrushes!

Toothbrushes are great non candy Halloween treat. Everybody uses or should brush once or twice daily. Regardless of whether you eat candy, raisins, or pretzels on Halloween a toothbrush is something anyone can use. It makes a great treat for Halloween trick-or-treaters.

Pencils or Erasers

Pencils erasers are useful supplies for school age children. However, there is a slight risk that giving such a practical gift as a Halloween treat may result in eggs being tossed at your house or a smashed pumpkin. LOL. Nonetheless, pencils are erasers are great non candy Halloween treat that anyone can use at school, home, or at work.


Pretzels are obviously our favorite for a non candy Halloween treat. Pretzel Pete seasoned pretzels make a great choice and our 100-calorie packs are the perfect size to fit in trick-or-treaters loot bags. You can choose a variety pack of salted caramel pretzels, cheddar pizza pretzels, or honey mustard snack packs.

Pretzels are a good choice for trick-or-treaters and parents. We’ve all pilfered our child’s trick-or-treat bags once the kids go to school the next day! Most parents would rather have a 100-calorie pack of seasoned pretzels to raid from their child’s treat haul rather than another sugary snack that sticks to teeth.

Our tasty seasoned pretzels are peanut-free tree, sesame-free, and nut-free. They contain no MSG, no artificial ingredients, and no preservatives making them the absolute hands-down perfect non candy Halloween treat.