One of the things that we vowed to do this year was to introduce some new limited edition and seasonal items. We have a ton of cool ideas for new products, new flavors and these limited edition offerings will allow us to introduce these to our customers. In so doing we hope that our customers will join us in exploring new taste experiences.

To launch this concept, we are actually turning the clock back a bit to one of our original Pretzel Pete Nugget flavors – Sour Cream Habanero!  We discontinued this flavor four years ago when we introduced the new packaging and had to slim the nugget line down from four items to three.  The sales for this item had lagged a bit behind the other three flavors and it seemed logical that this would be the one that would be discontinued.  What we hadn’t counted on was the outpouring of angst and requests from devotees of this flavor that started right after it was deleted from the line and has continued ever since.   To all those that have contacted us over the past four years, we heard you!!  We hope you find it just as good as you remember.

We expect to have the Sour Cream Habanero nuggets available through the summer and then we will be replacing it with another seasonal/limited addition item for the fall.  Stay tuned to find out what that is!!